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English Slopestyle Championships, Castleford                               

                       Male Open and Overall                  1st                      29 June 2019

The Brits, Laax, Switzerland   

                       Freestyle Ski Slopestyle Men         1st Overall         5 April 2019

                       Picture Big Air Ski Men                  1st Overall         2 April 2019       ​


Europa Cup     Livigno Slopestyle Men                 28th                   26 Mar 2019                                           Europa Cup     Livigno Slopestyle Men                 36th                   25 Mar 2019

FIS                  Meribel Slopestyle Men                 27th                   17 Jan 2019

Europa Cup     Vars Slopestyle Men                      12th                   21 Jan 2019

FIS                  Vars Slopestyle Men                      13th                   23 Jan 2019



British  Indoor Championships, Manchester           Slopestyle   2nd Male        Sept 2018

Junior World Championships, Cardrona                 Big Air         17th  Male      Aug 2018

Junior World Championships, Cardrona                 Slopestyle   22nd Male      Aug 2018

​Laax Open                                                             Slopestyle    22nd Male      Mar 2018

​Livigno, Europa Cup                                              Slopestyle    54th Male!!    Mar 2018

Davos, Europa Cup                                                Big Air         6th Male         Feb 2018

Unfortunately I came nearly last in the Livigno Slopestyle as I crashed in my run, breaking 

​and dislocating my collarbone. I had surgery to pin it all back together in April so missed my slot

​at the Brits in Laax this year!

However I'm really pleased with the start I have made in my first season competing in Europa Cup

competitions especially the Davos result. Looking good for next year!


Indoor Brits, Chill Factore                             2nd Overall

English Indoor Slopestyle Championships     4th Overall and U21

K-jam, Kendal                                               3rd U16

Brits Big Air - Laax                                       1st U16

Junior World Championships                         Very near the bottom due to crashing both quali runs

                                                                                      but it was great to be there!



Millie Jam                                                1st U16                                                    2 Dec

British Indoor Slopestyle Champs            2nd U16                                                  15 Oct

English Championships                            1st U16 (4th overall)                               25 June

Air Attack Dorset                                    2nd U16                                                  21 May

Kendall K-JAM                                        2nd Overall Men (1st U16)                       7 May

The Brits (Laax) Halfpipe                        6th U16 Men (12th Overall Men)             8 April

The Brits (Laax) Slopestyle                     3rd U16 Men (8th Overall Men)              6 April 

The Brits (Laax) Skiercross                     4th U16 Men                                          5 April


2015-16 British Snow Tour November Ranking: 11

Jibworx (Castleford Xscape) Rail Jam          1st U16 Male          13 November

London Ride                                                 7th Men                 7 November

Oatcake Jam (Stoke) Slopestyle                   2nd U16                 11 October

Farmers Jam (Norwich)                                4th U16 Male          5 September

SSE Slopestyle                                             5th U16 Male          6 June

Mayhem (Bracknell)                                     3rd U16 Male         17 May

KJam (Kendal)                                             2nd U16 Male          9 May

The Brits (Tignes) Halfpipe                          7th U16 Male          25 March

The Brits (TIgnes) Slopestyle                      9th U16 Male          24 March

The Brits (Tignes) Skicross                         9th U16 Male          23 March